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Through its extraordinary wildlife safaris, environmental majesty and ancient traditions, Africa is an epic storybook adventure. Experience unparalleled luxury via rainforest, coastline, dessert and mountain.


Intoxicatingly beautiful and rooted in custom, Asia reveals a heightened mysticism and generosity of spirit throughout each celebrated region. Discover centuries of culture and engaging hospitality with every step.


Choose from an ever-increasing portfolio of luxury resorts and private islands along the azure waters of the Caribbean. Marine adventure, culinary perfection and complete seclusion all have a spot on the day’s agenda.

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Soothing vistas and diverse eco-adventure await in Central America. See the sun rise over the rim of a volcano, roam the ruins of the Mayans, ride through nature conservatories and paddle through jungle mangroves.


A multitude of environs– coast, country and city – make for a feast of diversity in Europe. The unique histories, gastronomic extravagance and cultural riches bring a deluxe profusion of Old World elegance.

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Ancient cultures and modern pleasures coalesce in the fascinating nations of the eastern Mediterranean and those ringing the Persian Gulf. Encounter pockets of immense historical significance, refined opulence and breathtaking beauty.

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A world of exotic wonder awaits in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. Drift through romantic nights and endless days of natural splendour, aquatic adventure, decadent resorts and epicurean delights.

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From the beaches of northern Brazil to the southern tracts of Patagonia, this continent is the sum of a thousand parts. Experience ancient cities and heritage haciendas, volcanic hot springs and vibrant café cultures.

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Silversea: New Voyages Summer 2025

By Tully Luxury Travel | 09-29-2023 |

Cruise Arctic Australia Galápagos Greenland Mediterranean

Ultra-luxury cruising is not just a catchphrase coined to puff up the particulars, it’s a sound reality, one that Silversea has fully mastered. This expertise is now more evident than ever with the arrival of their Gems and Icons New Voyages Collection for Summer 2025, an exhilarating mix of both undiscovered sites and time-honored classics.

The season has been announced accompanied by some impressive numbers. You can choose from 206 voyages covering 409 destinations in more than 60 countries worldwide. As well, there are 24 new ports of call, expanding the line’s global coverage and including places you may not even have heard about – until now.

From sunny shores to Viking lore

Two new Grand Voyages have been announced for those who have extended voyages in the back of their minds. The Grand Mediterranean cruise on the Silver Spirit is a 54-day exploit beginning in Venice and weaving its way through some iconic Mediterranean highlights before disembarking in Lisbon. The Grand North Atlantic and Northern Europe adventure on the Silver Shadow is an 83-day journey through 55 destinations and 16 countries, from New York and back, weaving into the Canada's East Coast, the British Isles, ports in the Baltic Sea and over to Iceland.

More of the Mediterranean

An astounding 84 cruises to the Mediterranean aboard six ships put Silversea at the top of the European small-ship luxury list. Highlights include a diverse agenda of small ports that almost lend a feeling of going rogue, they are so unique. Think: Pula, Croatia; Vlore, Albania; Amorgos and Milos, Greece; Syracuse, Sicily; the shores of the Atlantic islands; and quiet spots along the coast of Northern Africa. The more renowned European destinations are accounted for, too.

The Galápagos Islands intensified

The Silver Origin is your home base, a soothing luxury hub for adventure springing to two new routes within the wildlife realms of the Galápagos. The 26 different sailings include a North Central Itinerary, which includes more time on the islands of Isabela and Fernandina, and a Western adventure that includes the white sands of new destination Bahia Bowditch. Any and all Galápagos cruises present opportunities for a range of adventure, including snorkeling with sea lions, birding, paddling and many, many coastal trails.

Diverse Arctic and Greenland experiences

Fourteen voyages aboard the Silver Endeavour and Silver Wind head to some of the most remote outposts in the High Arctic. You witness the incredible wildlife, bask in the majestic scenery and visit local communities for an immersive cultural and historical encounter well outside the everyday. The agenda also includes Silver Endeavour’s first journey through the fabled and historic Northwest Passage.

And that’s not all

Highlights of the season also include six voyages involving the rugged ranges and scenic gorges of Western Autralia northern Kimberley region. The plethora of choice continues with 36 different cruises to Alaska and 26 itineraries to Northern Europe and the British Isles on four ships.

An unsurpassed fleet of finery.

Speaking of which, Silversea’s 12 legendary ships are always up for an adventure. In fact, their combined global experience puts them in the category of luxury leaders, with new frontiers being their specialty. Sleek and beyond comfortable, these intimate vessels have the added advantage of being able to reach into the secluded ports other ships can’t manage, an off-the-path sidestep that often yields the most memorable surprises.

The new Silversea Nova-class ships are fully adept at offering destination immersion – authentic cultural experiences at each port, not only find you into the most engaging local activities, but also bringing the destination back on board, via the cuisine and the entertainment. You connect securely with the destination, rather than witnessing it from the sidelines.

More than you thought possible

Stretching in reality from early spring well into the fall, the Silversea offerings for Summer 2025 promise to be a bonafide thrill ride of leisurely, luxury proportions. The itineraries also promise expanded onshore offerings, too, taking you deeper into the destinations with almost 70 overnight stays and more than 400 late departures.

Take the time to plan ahead and get an ocean-going adventure on the calendar with the help of the Tully Travel Designers. Get in touch with us today!

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