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Your Safari Checklist

By: Tully Luxury Travel
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Safari Checklist

Wilderness Safaris is widely acclaimed as the continent’s foremost ecotourism operator, dedicated to conserving and restoring Africa’s wildlife while running some of the finest award-winning luxury lodges across the continent. By creating life-changing journeys for their guests in some of the most remote and pristine areas, they help conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and enrich the lives of local communities. Traveling on an African safari is full of adventure – just being in such a wild area is an adventure in itself – and Wilderness Safaris is an absolute favorite of our expert Tully Luxury Travel Designers. Here are their favorite experiences.

| Take to the Water

Safari Checklist

A large number of Wilderness Safaris’ camps offer water-based adventures, from traditional mokoro rides along the crystal-clear waters of the Okavango to catch-and-release fishing. At the King’s Pool camp, opt to end your day with a relaxing ride on the Queen Silvia barge.

| Meet a Relative in Rwanda

Safari Checklist

The opportunity to spend time with a group of mountain gorillas is worth every effort; this is a life-changing safari. Mountain gorillas are social and gregarious, intelligent and curious. This is a profoundly moving experience, and one we encourage all our clients to participate in

| Tell Stories Around the Campfire

Safari Checklist

Settle in for the night around a crackling campfire under open skies. For many safari goers, this is the best time of day – a chance to reflect and share stories of highlights. Enjoy chatting with the guides and learning more about the different cultures and countries. This is also a great opportunity for stargazing before enjoying dinner in the open-air boma, where the music, dancing and storytelling continues.

| Sleep Under African Stars

Safari Checklist

At some camps in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe you can choose to sleep out – whether on the rooftop of your room, or from the comfort of a special “Star Bed.” Listen to the many sounds of the night – perhaps a jackal’s cry in the distance, or the gentle rumbling of elephants – before waking to see what wildlife may be visiting nearby

| See Africa from Above

Hot Air Balloon Africa

Enjoy a sunrise hot-air balloon ride, offering you a bird’s-eye view over untouched wilderness. Gaze upon hundreds of wildebeest or watch pods of hippos in the waters below. End this magical outing with a Champagne breakfast, surrounded by 360-degree views of pristine grassland dotted with large herds of puku and lechwe. 

| Explore the Bush on a Game Drive

Safari Checklist

Game drives in the bush open up a whole new world of adventure. Wilderness Safaris’ expert guides have years of experience and love sharing their knowledge and passion with you. No sighting is ever guaranteed – but that’s what makes a game drive so exciting: You never know what you’ll see next! Enjoy looking out for tracks and listening for alarm calls that may alert you to a nearby predator; being the first to spot something brings a whole new level of satisfaction to your day

| Compare Cultures

Safari Checklist

Traveling on safari is not only about the places you visit. Meeting people from backgrounds vastly different to your own is what makes this a truly great adventure. Learn about fascinating tribes such as the Himba, a nomadic people, whom you can meet at the Serra Cafema camp in Namibia. At Kalahari Plains, the resident San Bushman family love to share their wisdom. Wherever you go, you will encounter people with fascinating stories to share – and they are just as eager to meet you and hear your story too.

| Contribute to Conservation

When you journey with Wilderness Safaris you are helping make a difference – to Africa, its people and its wildlife. A portion of every night booked is dedicated to conservation. A percentage goes to the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, their non-profit entity that supports a wide variety of projects throughout the continent. Staying at their camps also offers you the chance to partake in conservation-related activities. Their journeys really do change lives!

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