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Wilderness Safaris provides highly memorable, authentic African experiences that are enjoyable and educational but place a firm emphasis on environmental conservation. Currently operating over 60 lodges across Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles. Wilderness Safaris has established itself as the leading safari operator in southern Africa and is the recipient of multiple international tour operator awards.

The various properties do not have one particular style; instead they celebrate the individuality of each region and its wildlife, resulting in each camp having its own atmosphere and character. The cuisine varies according to location but Wilderness camps tend to favour seasonal, wholesome meals at elegantly set dining tables rather than the “nouvelle cuisine” and there’s a strong social element to mealtimes with guests discussing the day’s events with their guides.

Wilderness Safaris also delights in the “interpretive experience” approach to an African safari: not only do they offer expertly-led game drives in prime game-viewing areas but personal guides interpret every aspect of nature encountered from termite mounds and dung beetles to the social behaviour of lion prides.

Mary Jean's Thoughts

I have stayed in most all of the Wilderness properties and one of my personal favorites is Mombo in Botswana. It is aptly named the place of plenty, and that’s for a good reason. I love it so much that we donated a bridge and when I die I want my ashes spread at Mombo. But it’s not just Mombo, Wilderness provides so many choices and so many unique experiences scattered throughout Africa.  A safari can appeal to anyone’s tastes and there is an experience just waiting for you at any of them.  So for anyone who is afraid and feels like a safari is camping, think again. So many choices with so much variety of game viewing and accommodations there’s a perfect lodge just for you. 

Keith Vincent

Wilderness Safaris


I first met Mary Jean Tully at a Virtuoso Symposium in Barcelona, where she was, quite clearly, a dominant force in Luxury Cruise vacations. It was there, that we convinced her that her guests would be a perfect match for our safari offerings in Southern Africa.
From her first moments at Vumbura Camp in Botswana, followed by a visit to Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta, Mary Jean, and her husband, Brad, fell in love with Africa. During the past ten years, she and Brad have visited Africa at least twice a year, and have become true Africa addicts! Not only as visitors, but also as contributors to a variety of Wildlife re-introduction programs and child welfare projects.
Over the years, Mary Jean and her staff have built up a knowledgeable base of the “Where to Go” destinations that make up an awesome Safari experience throughout Africa! Wilderness Safaris, and myself, would recommend Tully Luxury Travel without hesitation, to assist you in planning your dream vacation in Africa. Her attention to detail and personal experience of the product is only rivalled by her enthusiasm and love of this wonderful destination called ‘Africa’.
Our best wishes and confidence of your success in the future with Tully Luxury Travel.

Mary Jean Tully

Founder & CEO

Mary Jean Tully, Founder and CEO of Tully Luxury Travel, has been on the cutting edge of luxury travel for years. Recognized by Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler, and named one of the most powerful women in travel by Travel Agent Magazine, Tully is renowned for her expertise, philanthropy, and enthusiasm. She has received numerous accolades identifying her agency as one of the best luxury travel providers in the world.