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Conservation &
Giving Back

At Tully Luxury Travel, we take great pride in our philanthropic and conservation initiatives. It does not have to involve large amounts of monies; sometimes, it is just a matter of giving your time. We encourage our clients to embrace our philosophy of “Travel With A Purpose” and to give back to the people and communities who share their lives and cultures with us. It’s a philosophy we practice, not just preach, from our founder Mary Jean Tully down through our Travel Designers. From first-hand experience – we’ve participated in every philanthropic experience listed below – our team knows that even small actions can yield big benefits. You’re already a global traveler – let us help you become a global citizen and make positive change a part of your adventures. 

Rhinos Without Borders

Mary Jean's Experience

Throughout Africa, but in South Africa especially, rhinos face horrifying levels of poaching: roughly 8,500 have been killed since 2008. Which is why Rhinos Without Borders, a joint initiative between andBeyond and Great Plains Conservation, aims to move animals out of danger zones and into protected areas in neighboring Botswana. The enterprise has exceeded expectations and already resulted in a significant number of calves being born – a true measure of success. Mary Jean Tully participated in a rhino release herself, alongside famous conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert, and considers it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She was able to actively participate in and witness first-hand the incredible work that goes into helping these rhinos from facing extinction. Book through Tully Luxury Travel, and we can arrange for you to be a part of these first-hand conservation initiatives and meet the conservationists and veterinarians who work tirelessly to get this challenging job done. With your help, this species can come back from the brink of extinction. Even just knowing their story and helping to raise awareness is a huge accomplishment. 

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Mary Jean's Experience

Elephants are capable of feeling a broad range of emotions, from joy to sadness, love to anger. And that makes the plight of infant elephants orphaned through poaching and other sad events even more heartbreaking. But there is hope. For more than 40 years, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been working to ensure the well-being of wildlife across Kenya, with a special focus on these magnificent icons of Africa. This work is near and dear to Mary Jean’s heart: She loves elephants and visits frequently – at least once during every Africa trip. Over the years, she has connected emotionally with both the animals and the people who support them; it is an experience she recommends to every client. Tully Luxury Travel can help you adopt an elephant through the Orphans’ Project and then arrange before or after your safari in Kenya to experience and see first- hand what the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does. You also get to see and interact with the elephant and be around all of the babies. It is surreal. Watch as a baby elephant literally runs back from the forest to drink its bottle of milk and settle down for the night. Walkthrough their nursery and meet their keepers-anything you want to know. Finally, say good night and know these big little ones are safe and happy and will be integrated back into the wild again because of your support. We have the unique ability to arrange private visits for our clients where you, your traveling companions, and about 30 baby elephants visit a watering hole. To know that these elephants will one day be released back into the wild just fills your heart. To understand their story and all that is involved is truly eye-opening. 

Mary Jean's Experience

While spotting large African animals is a thrill for travelers, that’s not always the case for the people who live near and among such wildlife. Singita Grumeti Fund works in an area adjoining Tanzania’s spectacular Serengeti National Park, to ease any potential conflicts between man and wildlife, making the land safer for both. Take your safari to the next level by lending a helping hand – literally – and experience meaningful, impactful moments like no other. Tully Luxury Travel can arrange for your luxury stay at Singita Grumeti Reserves, where you can opt to want to participate in one of their “Travel with a Purpose” initiatives, just as Mary Jean did for an eye-opening and unforgettable encounter. She was part of collaring six elephants in two days, taking an active role in everything from making sure the elephants remained breathing to checking their bodies for poisonous arrows using a metal detector. She often talks about how incredible it is to feel the soft breath of an elephant and how these memories stay with you forever. Picture yourself keeping one of these gentle giants cool by cooling it down with water, or acting as “trunk master.” It’s not always easy to know when you’ve made a difference. Here, you’ll know right away.

Mary Jean's Experience

Africa isn’t always about wildlife. Imagine being able to give the gift of hearing to a young boy in person as you are watching as his eyes widen as he hears sounds for the first time. Since 1984, the Starkey Hearing Foundation has helped those with hearing loss or difficulties worldwide, offering support, services, and supplies. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the foundation is currently working to develop a national ear and hearing care strategy for Kenya, with the potential to help more than 640,000 people in that country alone. Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Elton John, and Miley Cyrus are among those who have helped fit in-need children with hearing aids and changed their lives forever. Our founder, Mary Jean Tully, called the experience she did with Richard Branson, “the most gratifying moment” of her life. Let Tully Luxury Travel add your name to the list. To give someone the gift of hearing is a gift like no other. 

Mary Jean's Experience

How do you stop the global sale of illegal wildlife products? Make them less valuable, for starters. WildAid works to prevent such trade by reducing public demand and supporting local conservation efforts. They also generate massive awareness throughout the world. 

At the private Ol Jogi Ranch in Kenya, for example, people come for a safari and to be surrounded by rare animals – including 15% of the world’s remaining Grevy’s zebra population and more than 70 of the last 790 black rhinos in East Africa – and WildAid was there to help document it. Recently, Mary Jean participated in the darting of a rhino that needed veterinary attention. The rhino is down for only approximately 16 minutes, so everyone has to work fast. Mary Jean’s role was to help keep the rhino cool by pouring water on its body as the temperatures and the rhino’s blood pressure increased. “You could hear its breathing, getting close enough to feel it exhale onto my hand. To feel the softness behind its ears and back by its tail is all so very surreal,” said Mary Jean. The Veterinarian even let Mary Jean inject the rhino with the shot to wake it up. Tully Luxury Travel is a proud and long-term supporter of WildAid’s work.

Mary Jean's Experience

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding an elephant, please let us change your mind. Any true elephant sanctuary would never let you get on an elephant’s back, paint with it, or watch it do tricks. These types of activities are abuse and must stop. Baby elephants are separated from their mothers while still nursing, tied in a standing position for weeks to break their spirit and then jabbed with sharp bullhooks during training. It is called “phajhan”, google it, it’s horrific. Mary Jean has become so passionate about standing up against the cruelty of elephants. She has personally lobbied successfully for partner cruise lines to refrain from using any tours that compromise the treatment of animals, and against any organizations that use elephants as part of their shows. She is also a huge supporter of the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Set on 30 acres of jungle bordering a national park, the sanctuary is like a loving “retirement home” for these creatures set in their indigenous habitat. After decades of work in the logging and tourism sectors and horrid mistreatment, rescued elephants are given the opportunity to roam and bathe freely. Spend private, but respectful time, with the herd during a VIP tour arranged by Tully Luxury Travel. Have the sanctuary to yourself, feed the elephants, and watch them play with each other in freshwater ponds. The memories you leave with will be far better than any riding photo op. 

 To find out more about why you should never ride an elephant, please click here.

Wilderness Safaris - White

Mary Jean's Experience

Mombo is an upscale tented camp situated in the Okavango Delta, continually rated as the #1 Luxury Safari camp in Botswana. Owned and operated by Wilderness Safaris, it underwent a significant renovation in 2018, and the attention to detail is entirely sublime.

The bridge leading into Mombo is aptly named the “Tully Tully Bridge” after Mary Jean and Brad Tully. They generously donated the bridge for their love of Mombo, and their beliefs in Wilderness and their ongoing work in Conservation, Preservation, and Sustainability.

Mary Jean Tully said, “This will be our true legacy, as Mombo means so much to both Brad and me.” So much so, Mary Jean has decided her ashes are to be scattered at Mombo.

Due to its location on Chiefs Island in the Okavango Delta, Mombo is referred to as “The Place of Plenty,” and often named as “The best for game viewing in Africa.” Being at Mombo is like being in a wildlife documentary, the setting is ideal, and the guides are some of the most experienced in the industry. Mombo is the flagship property of the luxury safari operator, and several award-winning documentaries have been filmed at the camp. Mombo has won numerous awards from Condé Nast Traveller and Travel & Leisure, among others.

Additional Conservation & Giving Back Initatives

Throughout her global travels, Mary Jean Tully is continuously seeking opportunities to “travel with a purpose,” with a particular focus on environmental conservation, wildlife preservation, working with children, and supporting sustainability. She knows that a grand gesture isn’t always necessary to change a person’s life or to help the planet. Spend one hour of your beach vacation cleaning plastic off the beach. Buy reading glasses at the dollar store to hand out on your travels. Purchase handcrafted items and food at local markets – especially from women who often do not get the same advantages as men throughout the world. Get to know a local family you can visit again and again. Share the pictures and videos you take of people you meet with them. And, most importantly, support the education and joy of children. Connect with them. Get down to their level, interact, and be silly. As Mary Jean says: “Caring is universal. Laughter and hugs need no words.” 


Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic

January 17, 2022

117 Days

Crystal Serenity

Circumnavigate the globe from Miami or Los Angeles on an odyssey exploring New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Sri Lanka and India. Journey on to discover the sheikdom of Oman, the treasures of Istanbul and historic ports in the Black Sea. Navigate the Mediterranean and choose to disembark in Monte Carlo or enjoy an Atlantic crossing until you arrive full circle, enriched and enlightened. With Crystal, discover a world Where Luxury Is Personal™.


  • Welcome Celebration Receptions Aboard Crystal Serenity on the eve of departure (January 17) for Full World Cruisers joining in Miami, and for Full World Cruisers joining in Los Angeles (February 2)
  • Shoreside Gala Dinner Extravaganza for all Full World Cruisers in Sydney, Australia (February 28)
  • Shoreside Event for all Full World Cruisers (location to be announced at a later date) 


  • Two Complimentary private town car transfers between port city airport and the ship on day of embarkation/disembarkation in port city*
  • Exclusive Themed Onboard Events
  • Specially-Curated Gifts
  • Robust Enrichment Program; culinary experiences, celebrity entertainment and special festivities
  • Excess Luggage Reimbursement if applicable for Full World Cruise guests (up to $500 per guest)
  • NEWFree 2-Day Laundry*
  • NEW! Free Doctor Visits Onboard*
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