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Through its extraordinary wildlife safaris, environmental majesty and ancient traditions, Africa is an epic storybook adventure. Experience unparalleled luxury via rainforest, coastline, dessert and mountain.


Intoxicatingly beautiful and rooted in custom, Asia reveals a heightened mysticism and generosity of spirit throughout each celebrated region. Discover centuries of culture and engaging hospitality with every step.


Choose from an ever-increasing portfolio of luxury resorts and private islands along the azure waters of the Caribbean. Marine adventure, culinary perfection and complete seclusion all have a spot on the day’s agenda.

Central America

Soothing vistas and diverse eco-adventure await in Central America. See the sun rise over the rim of a volcano, roam the ruins of the Mayans, ride through nature conservatories and paddle through jungle mangroves.


A multitude of environs– coast, country and city – make for a feast of diversity in Europe. The unique histories, gastronomic extravagance and cultural riches bring a deluxe profusion of Old World elegance.

Middle East

Ancient cultures and modern pleasures coalesce in the fascinating nations of the eastern Mediterranean and those ringing the Persian Gulf. Encounter pockets of immense historical significance, refined opulence and breathtaking beauty.

North America

For enjoying a stateside sojourn, drinking in Canada’s natural wonders or exploring the magnitude of Mexico, this continent offers spectacular diversion. Find flavours to arouse every taste bud and an array of cultures to match.


A world of exotic wonder awaits in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. Drift through romantic nights and endless days of natural splendour, aquatic adventure, decadent resorts and epicurean delights.

South America

From the beaches of northern Brazil to the southern tracts of Patagonia, this continent is the sum of a thousand parts. Experience ancient cities and heritage haciendas, volcanic hot springs and vibrant café cultures.

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Whether you dream of island-hopping your way down Caribbean island chains, connecting the ocean waters with a Panama Canal cruise, or sailing into an exotic Mediterranean port at cocktail hour, our expert Travel Designers can curate the luxury cruise vacation of a lifetime.

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What can you expect from a Tully Luxury Travel safari? In a word: magic. You will witness extraordinary wildlife amid untamed beauty and unparalleled luxury. You will take a thousand pictures – and make a thousand more memories.

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Antarctica - Private Travel

Mystifying in the extreme, the White Continent glistens with pristine glaciers, towering icebergs, arresting inlets and beguiling wildlife.

A visit with the diverse wildlife in Antarctica is the definition of adventure – and very likely the farthest you will ever get from home.

Setting foot on Antarctica is an immersive experience you will savor forever. The Antarctic Peninsula is the most northern stretch of land – an extension of the Transantarctic Mountains chain – one of stark contrast, dazzling vistas, and incredible animals. Visitors to this exciting polar region explore well-preserved historical sites, and witness spouting humpback whales and boats through crushes of icebergs and dramatic ice floes formed hundreds of years ago.

Pods of orcas, herds of elephant seals, massive penguin rookeries – this is an authentic, rugged, spontaneous wildlife adventure. When you visit Antarctica, you have all the time to sit and watch, cameras at the ready. And contrary to what many people think, Antarctica has 30º F temperatures during its summer, the season beginning in early December. Shore excursions via Zodiac boat with the expedition team are a daily event.

Longer luxury Antarctica trips can include the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the South Orkney Islands, and King George Island in the South Shetland Islands, where flights from Chile and Argentina to the Antarctic land. Flying directly to Antarctica not only gets you into the thick of things in a few hours, but you also see the 7th Continent for the first time with a bird’s-eye view.

Top Destinations

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South Shetland Islands

Antartica Expedition

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When to go:

Feb - Mar

Avg. duration:

10 - 14 days




US Dollar ($)

Antarctica Travel Partners

The coveted relationships we have with our Global Travel Partners are second to none and allow us to offer you the extraordinary trips that you desire.

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Meet our Antarctica Travel Designers

What is the most memorable cruise you have planned for a client?

I arranged a Regent cruise and customized pre-cruise tour in Beijing for a 50th wedding anniversary. They visited highlights including the Great Wall. After 21 days of being on the road, they were not yet ready to return home!

Cheri Ozimac

Expedition Cruises


What is your approach to planning a luxury cruise?

With new clients, I like to get to know them and really listen to their needs or wishlist. This helps me to provide appropriate advice and guidance so that they will be happy and enjoy the most memorable experience.

Jackie Grittani

Alaska & Antarctica Cruises


What is the most memorable vacation you have planned for a client?

So many to choose from! One of the most memorable experiences I have planned is an expedition to Antarctica including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and Patagonia.

Halina Melerowicz

Expedition Cruises


The Tully Difference

If you’re considering bespoke private travel to Antarctica, let our expert Travel Designers customize your vacation from start to finish.

Having spent the last three decades traveling and experiencing the best luxury offerings firsthand, Tully Luxury Travel has an exceptional understanding of Antarctica. We have the contacts and the relationships in place to ensure your travel needs are met – milestone celebrations, romantic dinners, private tours, dietary requirements, special room-service requests – all the details curated in step with your every wish.

In Antarctica, our Private Travel Designers have the insider information that will elevate your experience much more. We can find the best small-ship luxury cruise for custom-designed travel to Antarctica and determine the route that works well with your schedule.

The time to start planning your next luxury vacation is now. Our private luxury travel service also allows us to secure the best amenities and VIP extras at no additional cost. That’s the Tully Difference.

Talk with a Travel Designer and start planning your bespoke luxury Antarctica vacation today.


Over 35 years’ experience and industry-recognition in curated luxury travel.

Exceptional Service

Work with our award-winning Travel Designers who have lived and travelled all over the world.


Enjoy exclusive access to the finest amenities and upgrades thanks to our preferred partnerships.


Making travel dreams a reality with our unparalleled customer service, attention to detail and expertise.

Award Winning…

Throughout the years, Tully Luxury Travel has been recognized as a top producing agency by virtually every luxury cruise line and hotel property.

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Why choose us? We believe our award-winning service, more than three decades of experience, and firsthand knowledge of luxury travel in every part of the world shine through in the wonderful testimonials that we receive every day from our valued clients who return year after year.

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I have been working with Tully Luxury Travel for years and love their attention to detail. They seem to know nw exactly what their client's needs are.

'Exceptional travel company'

I have been with Tully luxury travel for almost 20 years and Diana Wehrle has been my advisor all along. I find them very professional, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile.