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The very first employee I hired 29 years ago is still with us today. I believe this speaks volumes about the kind of company we are.
Mary Jean Tully
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Mary Jean Tully

Founder and CEO

Tully Luxury Travel is dedicated to sharing the world's most inspiring, life-enriching travel experiences with our discerning global clientele. Our expertise comes from first-hand knowledge of the destinations that we sell.

Established in 1987, we have long-standing relationships with the finest travel and tourism suppliers, and offer world-class customer service through our three brands: Cruise Professionals, African Dreams, and Private Travel Designers. Founder and CEO Mary Jean Tully sits on the board of a number of luxury cruise lines and hotels. Her travel expertise is highly regarded, and she is often cited as an authority in various media outlets.

Cruise Professionals has been recommended by Condé Nast Traveler for 15 consecutive years and is a Preferred Partner of the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Jumeirah, among others. We have been featured in various publications, including Forbes Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, andDepartures Magazine.

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Our friendly, knowledgeable Travel Designers are committed to providing you with exceptional service. To create a custom itinerary uniquely suited to you, we listen to your distinct travel needs and make recommendations based on our extensive experience throughout all regions of the world.

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Years with TLT: 24

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Meeting my international clients in person, after many years of working together by phone and email.

Personal travel highlights: A hiking trip in Patagonia, going from ranch to ranch by foot and on horseback. Another highlight was a private lunch on the Great Wall of China that we organized for a group of our clients.

Dream trip: I want to see everything!

Favorite destination: Ireland, where my family is from.

Years with TLT: 28

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Claim to Fame: I was Mary Jean’s first employee. I was working at another agency, and Mary Jean called pretending to be a client. She was checking out her competition. We hit it off, and after we hung up, she phoned me back 5 minutes later and told me she was opening her own agency. The rest is history!

Favorite part of her job: The opportunity to travel the world and the relationships I’ve developed with my clients.

What sets us apart: The customized travel experiences we create. Depending on what’s important to the client, we can put together any experience, from small group excursions to a private tour guide and car.

Personal travel highlights: The Galapagos Islands are fabulous. The highlight was kayaking with my husband into a beautiful lagoon, and having sea lions swim all around us. In 1999 I went on safari in Kenya and Nairobi. Since then I’ve done two more safaris and hope to do more. I also went to Tehran in 2010 with Mary Jean. We had the best time.

Dream trip: Machu Picchu with my husband and children.

Years with TLT: 13

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: My relationships with my clients and the people I work with. Working through various options and pricing to ensure my clients get the best deal. I also love getting referrals because it shows that I’m doing good work.

Travel benefits: Travel changes people’s lives – I can see it when my clients come home. It’s very rewarding.

Happiness is: Knowing I did my best.

Personal travel highlights: Costa Rica left a real impression on me. The genuine hospitality I experienced in India was amazing; the people were so gracious. I traveled with a car and driver so I felt very taken care of.

Dream destinations: I’d like to go to Japan for the culture and history, and have always wanted to go back to Africa - I went to Kenya in 1988. I’d also like to travel to the Galapagos Islands and see more of South America.

Years with TLT: 10

Position: Senior Travel Designer, African Dreams

Favorite part of her job: Learning about beautiful destinations around the world, the travel opportunities, and interacting with clients.

The approach: I treat every trip as once-in-a-lifetime. That allows me to plan the best possible travel experiences for my clients.

Motto: “Just pack your bags. We’ll take care of everything else.”

Personal travel highlights: Prague, Cape Town, and two safaris where I visited South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Dream trip: I would love to go to Australia. The Outback looks breathtaking.

Cheers for: The Toronto Blue Jays and the New England Patriots

Years with TLT: 13

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: I love that every phone call is different. Every client is looking for something unique - it’s incredibly rewarding to plan someone’s dream trip.

Memorable client trip: I can’t say there’s just one – I always go the extra mile to make a client’s travel experience absolutely perfect.

Personal travel highlights: I loved India, China, New Zealand, and going on safari in Africa.

Dream trip: I find the culture and mystery around Peru’s Machu Picchu so interesting.

Years with TLT: 19

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Because I love traveling, I really enjoy the process of putting the perfect trip together for my clients. It’s still exciting to me after almost 20 years.

Memorable client trip: I was working with a couple that wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary in style. I booked an iconic, first-class trip from start to finish; they took the Queen Mary from New York to London and the “Chunnel” to Paris, where they stayed at the George V. We even arranged a private tour of the hotel’s wine cellar with the sommelier.

Personal travel highlight: A recent cruise through The Islands of Tahiti with my husband.

Dream trip: I would love to go to Turkey, for the food and to see the whirling dervishes!

Off-hours: I’m hanging out with my two young sons.

Years with TLT: 8

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: The team here is wonderful; it’s a very positive environment. I also enjoy meeting new clients and offering travel ideas they might not have considered. Best of all is receiving referrals from past clients – it’s their vote of confidence!

Memorable client trip: It’s an honor planning special holidays for all my clients. There have been many memorable trips, such as a river cruise adventure in Myanmar, a cruise expedition to Antarctica, and a multi-generational luxury Mediterranean cruise.

Personal travel highlights: My husband and I spent 3 weeks travelling through Italy and stayed in Florence, Rome, Positano and Tuscany. We enjoyed the beauty of each region, the wonderful people, and the food and wine. Another standout trip was our Norwegian coastal cruise. The fjords are breathtaking.

Years with TLT: 10

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: It’s about helping to create special memories.Once I know what gets my clients really excited, I can really get into planning a cruise that is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

It’s the little things: Creating a once in a lifetime experience for people is about listening and finding out what wows them individually. A surprise bottle of champagne can be as exciting as driving a red Ferrari on a road trip in Hawaii.

Personal travel highlights: I spent 3 weeks in Bali last year - it was amazing. I’ve also been to China a handful of times - the landscapes are beautiful.

Dream trip: Myanmar. The country offers a glimpse into a past world and a rich cultural history. I would also love to visit the Galapagos Islands for the diverse wildlife and scenery.

Years with TLT: 14

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Seeing my clients happy when they come back from a trip. I try to make every travel experience as special as possible. For example, I insisted that one of my clients stay at a luxury hotel at a higher price point than he was accustomed to and he reluctantly agreed. When he returned from his trip, he couldn’t thank me enough for my recommendation and my expertise. It was great to hear his positive feedback and the thrill in his voice.

Personal travel highlights: A 10-day safari in South Africa and Botswana – it’s incredibly tranquil. No cell phones, no Internet, no TV. I’m also glad I got to experience Myanmar - it’s amazing for people who prefer an off-the-beaten-track destination.

Dream trip: I would love to visit New Zealand & Australia to see the beautiful landscapes and culture.

Words to live by: Travel gives us an opportunity to experience amazing sites and different cultures in this beautiful world we live in. We’re here for a short time so we should enjoy it!

Years with TLT: 11

Position: Senior Travel Designer

In a past life: Before I had kids, I was a nurse. But my passion for travel has always played an important role in my life, leading me to take nursing positions overseas in New Zealand and the UK.

Favorite part of her job: Over the years I’ve developed some great friendships with clients. I have one client who loves to cook so I sent her my favorite recipe for French-Canadian Tourtière.

Personal travel highlight: I loved Turkey. We were presented with the Top Producer award from Crystal Cruises on a ship sailing from Istanbul to Athens. The food was delicious, we went hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, and we stayed in a hotel built into ancient caves.

Dream trip: I’d love to go to Northern India, where the climate is a bit more temperate, to experience the culture and the countryside.

Years with TLT: 14

Position: Director of Group Sales

The more the merrier: I plan sailings for groups of 12 people and up. There are lots of incentive groups and families, as well as bridge players.

Favorite part of her job: I’m usually able to anticipate what on-board entertainment, restaurants, and port-of-call activities my clients will enjoy. It’s very rewarding to get positive feedback when they get home.

It’s in the details: Upgrades like a balcony room can make a huge difference. When you’re sailing through the Norwegian fjords, for example, it’s wonderful to have a quiet place to take in the stunning landscapes.

Personal travel highlight: I recently took a 10-day Regent Seven Seas Mediterranean cruise with my husband. It was a beautiful itinerary – we sailed from Venice to Rome visiting Dubrovnik, Montenegro and Korfu.

Dream trip: New Zealand.

Years with TLT: 8

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Meeting new people, learning about different destinations, and the amazing travel opportunities.

Sweet wheels: One of my clients wanted to do something special for his wife on their anniversary. I booked them a luxury cruise that started with a transfer in a Rolls-Royce Phantom in Dubai.

Personal travel highlights: There’s something so classy about the French and Italian Rivieras. The scenery, the food, the wine - it’s all beautiful.

Lunch tip: Visit Hotel Caruso, perched on the mountains of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, for a five star meal with a spectacular view.

Dream destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, and India for the food, beaches, and culture.

Years with TLT: 12

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Being able to fulfill my clients’ and my personal travel dreams!

Motto: Treat every day as a blessing by always trying to make everything as special as you can.

Personal travel highlight: Working here has granted me the opportunity to travel to many amazing destinations. My heart belongs in the Mediterranean. However, having experienced Southeast Asia for the first time last year, I now have a soft spot for Thailand!

Dream trip: I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand, perhaps ring in a new year there, then journey to South America – be in Brazil for Carnival, experience the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, learn to dance the tango in Argentina – I could go on and on!

Favorite sport: I enjoy all kinds of sports – I’ve played softball all my life.

Years with TLT: 15 and counting…

Position: Senior Travel Designer, specializing in cruises and memorable moments!

Field training: I had the opportunity to work on a cruise ship for 5 years in the gift shop – great onboard and travel experience!

Favorite part of her job: Communicating with my clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many amazing destinations, and am able to share my experiences when planning trips with my clients.

Favorite expression: “If you can dream it, we can do it!”

Personal travel highlights: Tahiti, for the fabulous sunsets and tranquil beaches. I also love the Amalfi Coast - the Mediterranean offers such a relaxed atmosphere.

Beach love: My husband and I got married on the beach in Maui. Our kids put a fake engagement ring under our Christmas tree with a note that said, “Marry Mommy in Maui.”

Dream trip: Anywhere with my family.

Years with TLT: 13

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Making my clients travel dreams a reality.

Personal travel highlights: I love the Mediterranean, particularly Monte Carlo, the drive through the Amalfi Coast, and Venice. I also love the lifestyle in Asia; on a recent cruise I visited Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. It was an amazing experience.

Motto: Live life to the fullest!!

Close call: I once had two Canadian clients accidentally leave their passports & cruise tickets in a taxi in Fort Lauderdale, 24 hours before their ship was set to sail. I actually went to their condo, got their expired passports, and FedEx’d them to their hotel, along with photocopies (that I had on file) of their current passports. The cruise line was made aware of the situation prior to their arrival at the pier and assisted the guests with all paperwork. My clients boarded the ship in time and had a great cruise.

Dream destinations: Australia, New Zealand, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Off-hours: Professional soccer mom.

Years with TLT: 5

Position: Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Getting to know my clients on a personal level and the opportunity to experience destinations I’ve never been to – allowing me to better service my clients and speak from experience.

Personal travel highlights: I love Bermuda and Italy and would never hesitate to go back to New Orleans! From the people you meet, to the history and music, to the most amazing Southern food you’ll ever eat – it’s hands down my favorite place to be. In terms of life-changing travel, Ethiopia was the biggest eye-opener for me and is an experience I will never forget!

Dream destinations: To relax and rejuvenate, I’d go to Tahiti. I’d also love to go to more exotic destinations like China, Bali Thailand, Africa & India.

Off-hours: I enjoy painting, going to the movies, and I also love to cook, especially Mediterranean food as I’m Armenian. Spending time with my family is also important to me, which of course includes my pets Rusty (Yorkshire Terrier/Shih Tzu mix), Sonny (Golden Retriever), Franklin (Tortoise), Echo (African Grey Parrot), Havana & Castro (my 2 Green Cheek Conure Parrots) & Coco the canary.

Years with TLT: 1

Position: Director, Experiences

Favourite part of her job: Searching for emerging destinations and experiences and helping clients fulfill their travel dreams

Personal travel highlights: From heli-hiking above the clouds in the mountains of British Columbia to mingling with monks in Japan’s magical Koyasan, to sipping high tea at the romantic and exotic Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, I am open to every experience.

Dream destinations: I have traveled to over 80 countries and 6 continents. My dream is to do all 7 continents (Australia is yet to be done) and in particular to visit both the North and South Poles.

Off hours: What off hours?! I live, breathe and eat Travel. I haven’t “worked” a day since joining Tully Luxury Travel!

Words to live by: "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets the Soul on Fire.

Years with TLT: 18

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Getting to know my clients.

Personal travel highlights: Sailing into Malta when the sun’s just coming up and the rays are bouncing off the Silent City. Sailing into Venice is also spectacular.

Nerves of steel: I’m always up for an adventure – I can’t say I’m afraid of anything.

Dream destinations: India - I love the food and I read a lot of Indian authors. I’d also love to go on safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

Off-hours: I’m an avid golfer and have 4 grandchildren who I adore.

Years with TLT: 2

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of her job: Hearing from clients after they return from a wonderful trip, and having them tell me they're already thinking about their next destination.

To make a client's trip absolutely perfect: I always notify their cruise line or hotel if they're going to be celebrating something special, like a birthday or anniversary.

Dream trip: South America, especially Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Personal travel highlight: Costa Rica. It's such a beautiful country with so much to do. Plus, the people are so friendly, fun and caring, you can't help but love being there!

Inspiring clients means: Offering ideas that would make their trip spectacular, like incredible hotels, exclusive tours, and private transfers. And making sure that absolutely everything is taken care of from point A to point B.

Time with TLT: 1 month

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Sending out final travel documents - that's when you and the client get really excited!

Going the extra mile: I have personally delivered cruise brochures to my clients and accompanied them to cruise line events to help them decide what experience would best suit them.

On creating the trip of a lifetime: Truly tailored itineraries with unique features here and there are what make the best memories. The little things matter when you dream big!

Favorite place: South Africa. I was born there and when I travel back to Johannesburg to visit friends and family, I realize how much I miss the culture, food and vibrant lifestyle. The country has a heartbeat like no other.

Dream destination: Namibia

Years with TLT: 11

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Learning something new every day.

What makes TLT special: With every single client, we go the extra mile to ensure they have a wonderful experience.

Dream destination: Norway and Antarctica

Favorite place: My heart is in Scotland - it's where all my family is from and I have been there many times in my life. The scenery is unbelievably stunning and the people are so friendly.

Years with TLT: 8

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Assisting clients in planning their dream vacations. Helping make memories!

Dream destination: Italy. Africa and Thailand (for its beautiful beaches) are also high on the list.

Personal travel highlight: I think Vancouver is beautiful!

Travel plans: I hope to do more travelling within the next few years so I can share personal, magical, experiences with my clients. I myself can't help but 'dream big' listening to other Travel Designers' stories!

Years with TLT: 1

Position: Air Specialist

Favourite part of the job: Helping my clients have a fun, stress-free travel experience!

Honeymoon special: I recently provided a pair of honeymooners with a complimentary room upgrade and had a fruit platter and personal note placed in it.

Personal travel highlight: Tuscany, Italy! The scenery is beautiful - sunflower fields, villas, and beaches - and the food is excellent. I truly felt like I was in a movie when I was there. I also have family in Tuscany, so that made my stay extra special and will keep me going back!

Dream destination: Tahiti, the Maldives and Australia.

Years with TLT: 8

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: I'm a nurturer and care deeply, so it's very fulfilling when I get an unexpected compliment about how I was able to create a travel experience that met a clients' needs and wishes. I also love making new friends, both clients and colleagues!

Behind the scenes: Two couples were traveling together and while one had tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the other did not. Without telling them, I worked with a cruise line to secure another set of tickets so as to avoid any possible conflict or disappointment.

Dream destination: Arctic and Antarctic, to see nature "in the raw."

Personal travel highlights: Prague is a magical city with incredible architecture. I could live in New Zealand - the landscapes are breathtaking. I would also go back to Africa in a heartbeat because of the animals.

Years with TLT: 6

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Helping clients plan cruises and trips they'll remember for a lifetime. I enjoy hearing positive feedback from clients when they get home.

Spa treatment: For one of our clients, Crystal's spa & wellness services are a very important component of the cruise experience. When the appointments he wanted were unavailable, I got involved, working directly with the Onboard Guests Services team to arrange them. The client was absolutely thrilled!

Dream destination: I've always wanted to go to Africa.

Personal travel highlight: I will forever remember the beauty and romance of Italy, particularly the Amalfi Coast. The scenery is just breathtaking! I hope to go back someday.

Time with TLT: 8 years

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Finalizing trip arrangements with clients and hearing the excitement in their voices before they embark on a fabulous vacation.

The big question: I strive to make each client's trip special but a memory that sticks out in my mind as perfect is when I helped organize a marriage proposal with The Ritz-Carlton Toronto. Champagne, roses and a Ritz-Carlton property = happily ever after!

Dream destination: The Galapagos Islands and Antarctica

Personal travel highlight: Ireland - I lived there for 6 months. The people I met and the memories I made have secured it as my favourite travel destination.

Years with TLT: 7

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Helping clients fulfill their travel dreams and hearing all about their experiences when they return home. Another aspect I enjoy is continuously learning about destinations and travel trends around the world.

It’s the little things: When my clients are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, I always advise the cruise line so they can set up something special.

Dream destination: I have many, but South Africa (safari), Bali and the Maldives are at the top of my list.

Personal travel highlights: Costa Rica, for its natural beauty, sense of adventure, and wildlife. I found the local people to be very friendly and they take great pride in their beautiful culture and country. I would return in a heartbeat - pura vida! Also, Budapest is such a vibrant city immersed in incredible culture and history.

Years with TLT: Just celebrated my first anniversary!

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Talking to clients about their experiences and all the wonderful places they've been.

It’s the little things: When I know that clients will be celebrating a birthday or anniversary or something special while they are away I make sure to notify the cruise line or hotel so that they will be treated extra special.

Dream destination: Slovenia, Cambodia, Peru - I have a list and could go on!

Personal travel highlight: The Azores islands. The natural beauty on the island of Flores was really quite spectacular. I also really enjoyed the old European lifestyle and festivals held on the islands.

Time with TLT: 3 months

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Hearing clients' happy stories after they return home from their vacation and knowing that I helped make those memories happen.

The process: When I'm designing a trip, I imagine what I would want to gain from the experience and try to make it the most memorable vacation possible for my client.

Dream destination: I would love to go to Africa someday; I'm extremely curious to explore the culture and landscape. I would love to do a safari and go gorilla trekking.

Personal travel highlight: Turkey. I loved everything about the country: the people, cuisine, sites and culture were all amazing. Everyone was friendly and so excited to share their culture. I would love to go there again.

Years with TLT: 15

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Working with great clients.

Going the extra mile: A client missed her flight due to a schedule change that we were not made aware of. I immediately called the airline and the cruise line and together we were able to get her on a different flight later that day. She later emailed me saying something like, "you and your team are my travel agents for life."

Dream destination: Australia.

Favourite place: Germany, where my parents are from.

Time with TLT: 12 years

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: I love planning a custom trip with my client and then hearing all about it once they've returned. I live vicariously through their travels!

Going the extra mile: When some clients of mine – a family of 4 - went to Beverly Hills, their daughter got an ear infection. Because she was unable to fly back as scheduled, they had to extend their stay. I arranged for milk and cookies, among other comfort foods, to be delivered to their room and sent the little girl a "TY Disney Frozen Olaf" stuffed snowman. Anything to help make her smile!

Dream destination: Oh too many to pick!

My Top 3: Australia, Tahiti and India.

Personal travel highlights: Staying with my best friend's family in Scotland. It was a totally authentic experience and I felt at home there. The other trip I loved was a trip to the Dominican Republic for my wedding. Nothing can top a trip with all your family and friends!

Years with TLT: Under 1 year

Position: Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Fulfilling clients' dreams!

Personal travel highlights: Wine tasting throughout Alsace and the Black Forest, Zip-lining in Costa Rica and driving through the Highlands in Scotland

Dream destinations: Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, India

Favorite destination: Scotland!

Bio: From a young age I have always expressed a love of travelling and exploring new cultures, cuisines and experiences. I have turned my passions into a career where I get to make client’s travel dreams turn into reality. After graduating Humber College’s Tourism Management, Travel Industry Services program with honours, I jumped right into the luxury sector and haven’t looked back since. Creating one of a kind experiences is my specialty. My recent travels have taken me on a cruise to the Baltic, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels and Switzerland, Costa Rica and Scotland, with a bucket-list that is ever expanding!

Years with TLT: 1

Position: Travel Designer

Favourite part of the job: Piecing together clients' travel plans for a fabulous and unforgettable trip. Marathon distance: I always go the extra mile for every client!

Dream destination: Thailand

Personal travel highlights: Portugal, for the amazing history and architecture, and Las Vegas, for the incredible restaurants and exhilarating night culture!

How do you inspire your clients: With my infectious excitement when I hear about their travel ideas, and my detailed planning of their dream trip!

Position: Travel Designer

Years with TLT: 1.5 years

Favorite part of her job: Helping people plan their dream vacations

Dream destinations: Southeast Asia, Australia/New Zealand and French Polynesia

Favorite destination: London England

It’s the little things: I strive to make each client’s trip extremely memorable for them. The little things are usually the ones that are remembered, from birthdays and anniversaries to anything extra to make the clients have a little extra something special

Years with TLT: 10 Years

Position: Travel Designer

Favorite part of her job: Interacting with clients and making their dreams come true!

Personal travel highlights: Ireland(Dublin, Kilkenny, Ring of Kerry, Gap of Dunloe, Sugarloaf Mountain), Vienna, Berlin, Bermuda, Paris, London, Switzerland, Amsterdam, sailing on the symphony in Quebec among others….

Dream destinations: (not yet traveled) – Hawaii, Australia and parts of Europe – Italy(Rome and the Amalfi coast), France (Nice, Monte Carlo – seen Paris but would like to revisit), Spain, Portugal, Prague, Budapest, Baltic area….

Favorite destination: Europe!

It’s in the details: I am a true believer in the fine details, it is what makes a good trip experience memorable!! Giving it the wow factor!!

Off hours: Spending time with my family and close friends. Love dinner parties, planning surprises, going to dinner and the movies, concerts, love country drives with great music – love to travel. Love long walks and bike riding.

Words to live by: Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Years with TLT: Less than a year

Favorite part of her job:I love learning about new destinations, new ships and new innovations in the cruise industry. When I started my career, the Explorer of the Seas was the newest and one of the largest cruise ships in the world. Now cruise lines have even larger ships, and more innovative ships, that keep my clients sailing.

Personal travel highlights: I had the opportunity to see the country my parents came from in South America. Visiting the markets, seeing the school children, and meeting some family for the first time was an experience that I will never forget. I also really enjoy listening to the feedback from my little children on our personal vacations, just to see what they enjoy from a child’s perspective.

Memorable client trip: A client of mine was unsure of what cruise would get her family “hooked” on cruising. We narrowed our choices down to two, and because those were the two ships that I had sailed on, I was able share my experiences on each. They chose the option that I was leaning more towards, and had a wonderful time. 4 months have passed since they have cruised, and the entire family plus another 2 families, are already booked for their next cruise.

Dream destinations: Chile, England, Greece, Bora Bora, Uganda, India

Favorite destination: Grand Turk. Whenever I visit this port, I know that it will be a relaxing beach day, with the beach being just footsteps away from the pier.

Off hours: After sending away so many clients on their dream cruise, I like to give my family the same experience, planning our cruise and getting them just as excited as my clients. When we are not out at sea, we take mini local trips to get to know more about the country we live in.

Position: Director, Cruise Sales

Years with TLT: Less than a year

Favorite part of her job:This is a job???As cliché as this sounds I honestly don’t feel like this is a job. As they say …. “Choose a job your love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Memorable trip: Having spent more than two decades living in working in Alberta and BC, and having the mountains and ocean as my playground, left me with little to no desire to go on an Alaskan cruise. I just couldn’t image it being much different from what I saw every day. That is until the day came when I had to go on an Alaskan cruise for business … I was absolutely blown away with the pristine waterways, the abundant wildlife and the stunning hues of the blue in the many towering glaciers. To this day, Alaska remains one of my favourite cruise destinations.

Dream destinations: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. My passion is Elephants and after spending time in Thailand volunteering at National Elephant Park all I want to do is help out the elephants around the world. Going to see the orphaned baby elephants’ at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust would be an amazing experience for me.

Favorite destination: Anywhere on the ocean

Words to live by: “”Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

Position: Senior Travel Designer

Years with TLT: I joined Tully Luxury Travel in November 2016.

Favorite part of his job:Researching, experiencing and planning bespoke, exciting and eye-opening private travel experiences and learning that client desires have been superseded at every turn.

Personal travel highlights: I love overland travel, and Baja California sticks in my mind is one of the most varied, beautiful parts of Mexico. The outdoors is where I prefer to find myself and hiking Yellow Mountain in Anhui (China) and emerging above the clouds to see floating mountain tops at sunrise, or taking in the views while cross-country skiing in Norway hold some of my best travel memories.

Dream destinations: I fell in love with Lebanon on a recent short trip to Beirut and am dying to visit the Becca Valley and the North of the country. I hope to visit Iran one day, particularly Isfahan and Shiraz, both for the food and the architecture, and one day, I should also like to know a lot more about Central and East Africa.

Favorite destination: As much as I love the outdoors and new experiences, I could find myself in Bergen or Hong Kong over and over… and over again.

Off hours: I love to bike and love to ski. Otherwise, it’s all about family and friends.